Soil & Groundwater Investigations

Our soil and groundwater testing services include:

  • Soil Sampling & Characterization
  • Soil Profiling for Disposal
  • Groundwater Sampling
  • Well Installation & Monitoring
  • Regulatory Agency Interaction
  • Site Closure
  • Brownfield Assessment & Redevelopment

Throughout Northern California, ACC is a recognized leader in soil sampling and groundwater remediation. Over the past 20 years, ACC has completed hundreds of soil testing, soil sampling, groundwater remediation and other such investigations projects.

Soil Sampling and Site Characterization

ACC’s Professional Geologists have successfully completed soil sampling and characterizations for over 500 sites. To reduce cost and ensure accuracy, ACC utilizes Geoprobe technology to obtain core samples of soil. Once the sample results are received, ACC’s scientists are able to determine the extent and levels of contaminants at the site and whether or not the levels represent human health risks that require further action.

Soil Testing, Profiling and Disposal

ACC’s geologists and environmental scientists have extensive experience in soil testing & profiling of soil for disposal and/or reuse in accordance with regulatory requirements. To reduce the cost of disposal, ACC’s soil sampling enables the soil to be reused or segregated and disposed of in the most cost effective manner.

Groundwater Remediation, Sampling and Plume Migration

Groundwater remediation & characterization is performed by obtaining grab groundwater samples. If contamination is present, our hydro geologic experts evaluate the nature, extent, and concentration of the contaminant plume. Following assembly of the data, computer modeling techniques enable ACC’s scientists to determine the contaminant plume and migration.

Well Installation and Monitoring

Groundwater monitoring wells are often required by regulatory agencies to obtain accurate groundwater quality data, groundwater flow direction and gradient. To reduce costs, ACC’s scientists obtain competitive bids from drilling contractors. ACC also samples the wells on a quarterly basis as required by regulatory agencies.

Regulatory Agency Interaction and Site Closure

Despite efforts to streamline the process to obtain regulatory closure, site closure requirements are as complex as ever and vary from county to county. ACC has 20 years of experience interacting with local lead regulatory agencies and work on our client’s behalf to determine the most cost effective approach for each investigation and remediation project.

Brownfield Assessment and Redevelopment

ACC’s staff of Registered Environmental Assessors and Professional Geologists routinely work with real estate developers looking to purchase a contaminated site for re-development. ACC performs proper site characterization and estimates remediation costs so developers can make informed decisions regarding a property.

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