Asbestos Training

Asbestos Awareness Training

ACC provides OSHA compliant Class III and IV asbestos training for building maintenance, construction and management personnel.

Asbestos Training Class IV OSHA and AHERA Awareness (4-hour course)

Attendees will learn how to identify suspect asbestos-containing materials, respond to asbestos emergencies, recognize asbestos hazards, and prevent exposure to themselves and building occupants.

The class satisfies the AHERA and OSHA Class IV requirements for training employees who are likely to come into contact with, but do not disturb asbestos containing materials.

Who Should Attend: Construction, building maintenance and janitorial personnel who work in commercial buildings and schools and who may come into contact with asbestos-containing materials.

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Asbestos Training Class III OSHA Operations and Maintenance (8-hour course)

This class is for maintenance and contractor personnel who may disturb small amounts of asbestos containing materials as part of performing routine maintenance activities. Class IV course information as outlined above is covered, as well as how to clean up asbestos spills, repair damaged asbestos-containing materials and perform contractor work in areas with friable asbestos-containing materials. Attendees are also trained in the proper use of respirators, protective clothing, HEPA vacuums and repair procedures.

The class satisfies the OSHA Class III requirements for employees who disturb or cleanup asbestos containing materials or work in regulated areas during asbestos maintenance/construction projects.

Who Should Attend: Construction and building maintenance personnel who clean up small asbestos spills and perform repair activities on or near building systems with ACM.

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Asbestos Training Class III OSHA Operations and Maintenance Supervisor (16-hour course)

This two –day comprehensive asbestos training course includes all information of the Class III 8-hour course, as well as personnel air monitoring procedures, fit-testing protocols, setting up mini-enclosures and regulated areas, and personal decontamination procedures. Attendees receive hands-on training in spot removal of fireproofing and acoustic ceiling materials, as well as glove-bag removal of pipe insulation.

Who Should Attend: Asbestos program supervisors and building maintenance personnel who supervise and/or perform responses to small spills or perform small-scale repair activities on building systems with ACM.

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